During the Berlin Water Dialogues 2013 on 25 and 26 April, exchange, discussions and meetings among representatives from industry, science and research and representatives from international politics continued the series of events begun in 2011. The aim was to enhance the relevance of water as an interdisciplinary subject as well as a subject of the future for current clean economy strategies. For this purpose, like in the years before an attractive programme was set up dedicated to the global challenges regarding the use of water resources across all branches. The event took place in the context of WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2013.
It was organised by Messe Berlin GmbH and supported by the Berlin Senate Administration for Economy and Technology. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the European Water Partnership acted as strategic partners.

Representatives of European air ports and air port operators talked about the main subjects “Water and air ports – challenges and opportunities” and “Water stories from air ports” referring to the varied employment of water and its handling. The daily routine at air ports or during the building of an airport served examples.
The following workshops dealt with the different handling of water in regions with scarce water resources or those abundant in water respectively or which role sustainable water management plays for the air port operators and how extreme water situations can be managed.

During a closing session the concrete results were summarized, presented and discussed on the basis of the lectures.
An excursion to the BER airport which was then under construction marked a successful end of the Dialogues 2013.