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On 17 November 2015, the BLUE PLANET Water Dialogues along with the Berliner Wasserbetriebe launched for the very first time the BLUE PLANET project as part of the WASSER INTERNATIONAL 2015. Even though BLUE PLANET was presented in a smaller format (1-day and without a trade fair integration) it did not forego international participation and importance!

Under the guiding principle of “Green Sustainability – Blue Solutions”, the program continued with a roundtable discussion focused on “Sustainability in the water sector” with representatives from different countries, a “Presentation of best practice examples of sustainable water use in production processes, discussion”, and lastly a politically and economically highlighted “Discussion with short lectures on research and example projects for small and medium enterprises”.

Similar to the BLUE PLANET Forum, the BLUE PLANET Water Dialogues gained attractiveness as the ‘marketplace’ for interesting conversations, meetings and discussions. It also provided a platform for information exchange and networking.




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