Alexandre is recognized as vision-driven, a strategic thinker, and a creative entrepreneur. His broad experience in technology development in many activity sectors gives him a systemic perspective on challenges and opportunities. Today, as senior direction of AI strategy and research at Bentley Systems, he’s collaborating on materializing the promises of AI-powered infrastructure digital twins for the engineering, construction, and asset operations industries.

Water is part of a system of systems. Management of such complexity requires new tools and processes. Digital twins and machine learning are two such technologies that promise to revolutionize the way we understand such complex systems and interact with them in a more efficient and sustainable way.

The goal might seem far in the future. However, we’re already seeing that machine learning is simplifying the work of designing, constructing, and operating water infrastructure. Examples include:

  • More efficient information extraction and discovery
  • ML-assisted infrastructure inspection
  • Real-time waste water system monitoring and overflow prediction
  • In-line water quality measurement for optimization of the water treatment process
  • Flood prediction and impact assessment
  • And a lot more!

According to me, the main question is not, »How will ML change the water industry?« it’s, »Where do we want it to create an impact first?«