Sofia Husni obtained her engineer degree in Material Science from Polytech Sorbonne, which is part of Sorbonne University in Paris. She, then, completed her PhD on “Magnetically assisted Flocculation for Water Treatment”. She studied a model system composed of clay platelets (pollutant) and magnetic nanoparticles (flocculating agent) and realized a complete characterization (at micro and macro scales) on the process until she tested it on a real system: The Seine River.

After a 6 months post doc at the CNRS working on highly conductive magnetic systems, she was recruited as the new DWC project leader at SIAAP (Greater Paris Sanitation Authority) mid-September 2020. Her job entitles in managing and organizing the different steps of the project concerning Paris and its surroundings. A great deal of communication and information exchange has to occur between the French partners and the European ones.