Bettina Rechenberg is General Director of Division III „Sustainable Production and Products, Waste Management“ at the Federal Environment Agency. The biologist has been working at UBA since 1992, initially in the areas of water protection, chemical safety and sustainable production, resource conservation and material cycles. Since 2015, she has been head of Division III, which analyses the environmental impacts associated with the extraction of raw materials, industrial production and use, recycling and disposal of products and seeks practicable, environmentally sound and resource-saving solutions. This also includes the protection of water bodies from avoidable pollution.

What excites you the most about being part of the BLUE PLANET advisory board?

I am delighted to contribute to this exciting and successful format, which bridges the gap between science and practice. In the face of climate change, I find it thrilling that we are also addressing water quantity alongside water quality concerns.

What’s your contribution to BLUE PLANET? 

UBA is committed to addressing environmental impacts throughout the entire value chain. Our purpose is to find practical solutions, which is why we offer support for research projects and their implementation. The insights gained are integrated into BLUE PLANET.

What can people expect from the next BLUE PLANET?

I find it particularly exciting that the online conference not only deals with the issues of recycling water and its constituents but also with the utilisation of the thermal potential contained in wastewater.