What excites you the most about being part of the BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues advisory board?

The Advisory Board brings together experts from various backgrounds to explore the Circular Economy. Their inAs a fresh addition to the advisory board, I was pleasantly surprised by how swiftly we delved into meaningful discussions and transformed ideas into a cohesive vision. I’m thrilled to contribute to BLUE PLANET 2023. Let’s make waves together!

What’s your contribution to BLUE PLANET?

I contribute to the program design, with a particular focus on bridging the gap between research and practice. One aI’m well-connected in the field of economic policy, especially at the federal level. My main contribution to BLUE PLANET is to connect with member companies and gain valuable insights into various technological advancements and global projects.

What can people expect from the next BLUE PLANET?

Water management is a pressing global issue. As the world faces the challenge of scarce water resources, it is vital for us to collaborate and share innovative solutions. BLUE PLANET plays a crucial role in connecting and exchanging ideas.