What excites you the most about being part of the BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues advisory board?

The BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues are aiming to bridge cutting-edge research and innovation with the practice. To push this agenda, to gather leading thinkers on both sides is highly important, very interesting and hence exciting. 

What’s your contribution to BLUE PLANET?

Foresight. My contribution to the event is to look ahead, to the challenges and opportunities the water sector will face in the future. Our daily work at KWB and paired with foresight methods enables us to contribute topics, experts and best practice into the advisory board. 

What can people expect from the next BLUE PLANET?

Exactly this. A fascinating topic backed and pushed by experts aware of both the current and future challenges of the water sector. This time: Artificial Intelligence, something very much part of our work already, with a lot more in the pipeline.