What excites you the most about being part of the BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues advisory board?

Having been part of the journey of the Blue Planet Berlin Water Dialogues for five years now, what excites me most is to see how the community of participants and the international outreach of the conference is growing year by year. Discussions in the Advisory Board reflect the wide range of challenges the global water sector is facing and at the same time show how universal current issues are and how scientists and industry representatives around the world are working and researching towards solutions for these challenges that ultimately affect us all.

What’s your contribution to BLUE PLANET?

German Water Partnership builds bridges between science, small- and medium-sized companies from Germany and many international partners from the water sector. This not only results in exciting ideas for project presentations and speakers for the Blue Planet Berlin Water Dialogues, but also creates contacts, partnerships and business relationships that continue to have an effect beyond the conference and provide impetus for further exchange between international stakeholders in the water industry. As a member of the Advisory Board, I would like to further promote this linking and mutual enrichment of the international network and conference format.

What can people expect from the next BLUE PLANET?

The upcoming conference will yet again tackle with AI in the Water sector a controverse topic and present different approaches and international use cases to sum up the latest developments in this field and bring together experts from around the globe. Plus a new digital platform will enable even more interactivity for participants – good reasons to join and become part of the Blue Planet Community!