Karsten Kerres

Karsten Kerres (*1969) started his scientific career 1998 at the institute for environmental engineering at the RWTH Aachen as leader of the workgroup wastewater collection. After his phd work on the subject of condition management strategies of sewers, he resumes his occupation at the research institute for water- and waste management at the RWTH Aachen.

In 2011 he was appointed for the subject area of underground infrastructure engineering at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences in the subject area civil engineering.

The work area comprised apprenticeship, research and consulting to scheduling, construction and operation of underground logistic- and disposal infrastructure.

In his scientific work he has dealt extensively with following topics:

  • Condition assessment of sewers (Technical and strategic aspects; Development of new state detection methods; Methods of condition classification)
  • Maintenance and rehablitation strategies (Establishment and optimization of short to medium-term and also forecast-based rehabilitation strategies; Maintenance of sewer systems taking into account processes of climate, demographic and economic changes)

Jochen Rabe

Professor Jochen Rabe is an acknowledged expert in sustainable urban development and digitalisation. In his 20-year career, including 10 years in the UK, he realised numerous interdisciplinary research projects and built up and managed professional counselling teams for large companies. He studied at the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Hamburg and for three years he has been holding a professorship for Urban Resilience and Digitalisation at the inter-university Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF) in Berlin. In addition he has just taken on his new role as KWB’s managing director. His research focuses on the “Rapid Transformation of Cities through Digitalisation in Economy, Infrastructure and Environment” and also on “Green/blue Infrastructures”.

Rebekah Eggers

Rebekah has responsibility for IBM Americas Technical Innovation Team for Energy, Environment, & Utilities and is a trusted utility industry professional based in Los Angeles with a 20 year track record of strong solution leadership. She mobilizes the IBM global and partner ecosystem capabilities to create business value leveraging experiences managing complex initiative design while operating in intense, results focused environments. Rebekah is known for creating sustainable go-to-market and portfolio leadership for solutions that leverage data and analytics, improve operational efficiencies, and deliver customer satisfaction, ultimately enabling high performance teams. Additionally, she is a member of the IBM Industry Academy, a vibrant community of IBM’s preeminent industry leaders, and a member of the Board of Directors for Woodard and Curran, a privately held integrated engineering, science, and operations company.  She holds two Executive Advisory Board positions: Digital Water City, a European Union Horizon 2020 Project, and One Water Academy, a non-profit focused on developing water professionals for a One Water Resilient World.  She is on the Advisory Committee for program development at DistribuTech International and World Water Tech.  Rebekah is sought out as a strategic advisor, keynote speaker, and for engaging dialogue at industry events across the globe. 

Nicolas Caradot

Nico is working since 2010 at Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin, a leading R&D institute on urban water management. He has contributed over the past years on numerous R&D projects on urban drainage monitoring, modelling and decision making. His main research area is the use of data, statistics and machine learning to better understand the behavior of urban networks and increase the rationality of decision making processes. He holds a PhD thesis on the topic of the simulation of sewer asset management strategies. He is now coordinating a European H2020 innovation project on digital water management called digital-water.city.

Nico is also the coordinator of DigitalWater2020, a recently founded group aiming at addressing synergies and complementarities between five H2020 digital water projects. He chairs the UDAM working group on Urban Drainage Asset Management from the Joint Committee on Urban Drainage and he is a member of the Management Committee of the Specialist Group on Strategic Asset Management (SAM) from the International Water Association.

Mathias Riechel

Mathias Riechel has graduated as an environmental engineer and works at Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin (KWB) since 2010. He is as a research scientist and project manager in the department of urban waters. His main expertise are modelling of the urban drainage system and the receiving water body, stormwater management, asset management, and data analysis and modelling in general. He coordinated research projects on CSO mitigation and asset management as well as work packages in several national and international research projects.

Bert Bosseler

Professor Dr.-Ing. habil. Bert Bosseler has been the Scientific Director of the IKT Institute for Underground Infrastructure since 2000. In addition, he teaches as a private lecturer and honorary professor at the universities in Hanover and Bochum, with a focus on sewer and pipeline engineering. He is the spokesperson for the topic “Cities and Infrastructure” for the Johannes Rau Research Association. He serves on DIN, CEN and ISO committees as an expert and delegate in international standardisation in the fields of water engineering and smart infrastructure.